As part of the project “CSO Dialogue – Platform for Structural Participation in EU Integrations”, regional consultations with civil society organizations “Civil Society and Policy Dialogue for EU Reform Agenda” will be organized on 13.12.2021 (Monday) starting at 10.a.m.

The event will focus on policy dialogue, reform processes related to EU accession of the Western Balkans, and enhanced involvement of civil society organizations. Introductory addresses will be given by Fani Karanfilova Panovska, Executive Director of the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, and Steffen Hudolin, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation in North Macedonia.

Panel speakers include Kalinka Gaber, State Secretary at the Secretariat for European Affairs, North Macedonia; Steven Blockmans, Director of Research at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels; Gjergji Vurmo, Programme Director at the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, Albania, and Andrea Stojkovski, Executive Director at the Prespa Institute, North Macedonia. Panel discussions are expected to offer answers to the following questions:

  • Which policy dialogue agenda-setting in the Western Balkans can speed up EU-related reform processes?
  • How to create symmetrical dialogue for CSOs in cooperation with state and EU actors in priority-setting of EU assistance for the reform agenda in the Western Balkans?

The purpose of the event is to initiate exchange of ideas among participants, find common links and create possibilities for greater civil society leverage in the policy dialogue. The regional consultations will be organized as online event on the ZOOM platform, available at this LINK.